It takes a while to get to know your way around the Field Target sport.  The following links will help you get started....

 American Airgun Field Target Association  ..... the best place to start, it gives you a bit of history, organization and further FT links

 Field Target Forum  ....  an interactive community of different airgun Field Target Clubs across the USA

 Archer Air Guns  ........  probably the best place to get inexpensive but accurate chinese airguns, a great place to start

 Airguns of Arizona  ....... now we are starting to get serious about airguns, pre-charged pneumatics, field target equipment, etc

 Mac 1 Airguns   ........ home of the famous USFT all American-made PCP rifle.  Tim is a master airgunsmith

 Joe's Air Tanks  ...... great source of carbon-fiber tanks to fill your pneumatics

 Pyramid Air of the best sources online for airguns, scopes, pellets and just about everything you can think of...

 Yellow Forum Classifieds ..... this is going to get you addicted to second-hand airguns & great bargains

 Dave G Custom Stocks  .........just delight your eyes and see some beautiful customized rifles

 Precision Airguns  ....... another great supplier of air guns & rifles

 Mountain Air Guns  ........custom air pistols and rifles conversions



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